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Nippon at a glance

Nippon Group of Companies (NG), is one of the most reputed and largest group in Bangladesh. The Group has always been known as a pioneer in the field of consumer technology in Bangladesh. The company was registered under the Companies Act of 1994 and was incorporated in Bangladesh on 9th January, 2005. In course of time the company has spread its branches in various field of business and achieved remarkable success. At present there are eight sister concerns and each of them is a complete Division with individual strategy & policy and employees. Nippon has achieved the name of trust of the customers. Customer satisfaction is the prime focus of all its Divisions.


Providing the population of Bangladesh with modern technology by offering quality products and proper after-sales-service through multi distribution channels to make their lives easier, more comfortable and convenient.


The objective of our mission is by establishing a congenial working place with content employees and by offering quality products at reasonable prices we want to create a bond with every customer in order to maximize profit through perfect competition.


Nippon Group (NG), was established in 2005 in Bangladesh. This private limited company was registered under the companies Act,1994 and was incorporated in Bangladesh on 9th January 2005.

NG is one of the reputed organization in Bangladesh . NG is also pioneer in the field of electronics & electrical products in Bangladesh. NG enjoys number one position in assembling, manufacturing , buying, selling, importing, exporting, repairing, exchanging, dealing and marketing all sorts of electronics & electrical goods including Color Television, Hi-Fi, Radio Cassette Corder (RCR), CD, VCD, DVD Player, VCP, VCR, Digital Camera, Mavica, Cyber shot, Radio, Home theater, Telephone, Cordless Telephone, Battery, Nippon Switch, socket ,Fan dimmer switch, Headphone, Micro-Cassette Corder, Handycam, Walkman, Refrigerator, Deep freezer, Washing machine, Micro-Oven, Gas Burner, Gas Oven, Black & White TV, Voltage Stabilizer, Fan, Air Conditioner, all sorts of kitchen appliances incandescent light and ballast for better illumination. In 2005 the company started with only one 12” black & white TV and one NG of NIPPON WORLD.

NG, is the authorized license from NIPPON WORLD JAPAN. for assembling, marketing and distributing all sorts of NIPPON WORLD Products in Bangladesh.Nippon Group President is a dealer in world famous brand products including electronics. NG is also dealing with big projects in the fields of telecommunication, television broadcasting, transmitters, radars- especially weather radars, steel bridges, marine port infrastructure and equipments etc.

NG, aim is to achieve business excellence through quality product by satisfying consumer expectations. We have consumer products in more than 48 districts and police stations across the country.Most of our products carry a warranty for one to five years. NG, always committed to provide service to the consumer and no sacrifice for quality. Necessary spare parts and well trained technicians are available with all our Sales and Service Centre. That’s why NG is the biggest marketing company of Electronics and Home Appliances in Bangladesh occupying 35% of the total color TV market share and 15% market share of home appliances.

The management of NipponWorld Electronics Limited (NWEL), is dedicated to its commitment of quality and all employees of the organization fellow documented procedures to ensure quality standards. Our strength lies in our fully dedicated and quality team of sales personnel’s. The team has some of the best salesman, marketing professionals, financial experts. Each area of work is departmentalized on a purely functional basis and is directed to achieve qualitative superiority.

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