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Warranty: 4 Years Panel & Parts with 3 Years’ Service Warranty

A+ grade Quality Panel.
Display Resolution (1920 × 1080)
Progressive scanning (1080p)
Dynamic Contrast Ratio: 100000:1
Embedded digital colour gain control circuit.
Provides better brightness reality.
Embedded 5-line comb filter.
Black/White level stretch circuit.
High class LED screen, High brightness, High contrast. Ø Double HDMI (High Definition Multiple Interface) Port Ø Capabilities (AV/PC formet).
This TV can be used as a high-performance.
PC monitor for it has a VGA interface.
Computer sound source can also be supported.
Low power consumption in standby mode to save energy.
MKV (Blue Ray) File, Mp4, MPEG for playing a movie, song etc.
Double USB supported options is available.
Channel coverage: 470 MHz Full-Channel cable TV.
Language of OSD: Multiple options.
Wi-Fi & Internet Supported.
98 mm to 117 mm Thikness Body.
High Regulation Slim & FHD Display.
High Sound & HD Sound Quality.
Auto Bright Adjusting Technology.
কোন Negative নাই তাই,১৮০ ডিগ্রী Angle থেকে ও ছবি দেখা যায়।
ওজনে হাল্কা,দেখতে সুন্দর এবং স্মার্ট ডিজাইন।
সম্পূর্ণ জাপানী ব্র্যান্ড।
দেয়ালেও এ্যাটাস্ট করে রাখা যায়।